JS Songtabs


Many thanks to Jan Hauenstein, Charlie Woodward and Art Faller for providing these songtabs.



Across the Milky Way

All American Girl

All the Brave Horses

All the Desperate Men

All the Lights

All the Words Unspoken

All-Time Woman

Always Young

Amanda Won't Dance

American Nights

The Americans

The American Way

An Account of Haley's Comet

Angel Delgadillo

Angel on the Road Shoulder


Angels With Guns

Anna on a Memory

Annie Born and Died

Arkansas Breakout


Art Faller´s Land


Baby It's You

Back in Pomona

Bad Rats

Ballad of the Quiet Fighter

Because of a Dancer

Belly Full of Tennessee

Big Joe

Blonde Star



Bring it on Home

Bringing Down the Moon

Broken Roses

Buddy Won't You Roll Down the Line


California Bloodlines

Cannons in the Rain

Chasing Down the Rain


Children of the Morning

Children of the New Frontier

Chilly Winds

China Sky

The Chosen

Clack Clack


Coming from the Mountains

Comin´ Out of Nowhere

Cooler Water Higher Ground


Cowboy in the Distance


Crow's Landing

Crying in the Storm


Dark Prairie
Davey on the Internet

The Day the River Sang

Daydream Believer

Dead Snakes

Desert of Dreams

Diamonds in the Coal

Dink's Blues

Dogs in the Bed

Draft Age

Dreamers on the Rise

Dreams of the Starman

Drive Again



Earth Rider

East Virginia

East of Denver

Easy Money

Eighteen Wheels

The Escape of Old John Webb


The Eyes of Sweet Virginia


Field Where the Angels Dance

Fire in the Wind

Friend of Jesus

Freeway Pleasure


The Ghost Inside of Me

Girl Down the River

Going Home

Glorious Kingdom


Golden Gate

Golden Gate Fields

Golden Rollin' Belly

Grace of Rain

Great White Cathedrals

Green Grasses


Hand Your Heart to the Wind
Hand Your Heart to the Wind (2)

Hard Time Town

Headin' for the Hills

Hearts & Dreams on the Line

Heart of a Kid

Heart of the Dream

Hero from the War

Hiding in the Shadows

High Flying Eagle

Highway of Light

Hit & Run

Hollywood Dreams

Hot on the Trail

Hung on the Heart (of a Man Back Home)

Hunters of the Sun


If You Don't Look Around

If You Should Remember Me

Irresistible Targets

It Ain't the Gold

I Remember America

I Want to Be Elvis


Jenny at the Wheel

Jenny Was a Dream Girl

Johnny Flamingo


Judy in G Major

Julie, Judy, Angel Rain

July, You´re a Woman

Just an Old Love Song




Kansas Rain

Keeper of the Flame


Lady & the Outlaw

Lady of Fame

The Last Campaign

The Last Campaign Trilogy

The Last Hurrah
Leave Me Alone

Let the Big Horse Run

Liberation Day

Light Come Shine

Lilly & Joe
Lincoln's Train

Little Road and a Stone to Roll
Living On Easy

Lock All the Windows

Lonesome John

Long Train of Dreams

Looking for Jack

Looking Back Joanna

Lost Her in the Sun

Love Has Tied My Wings


Mac Brasel´s Farm

The Man Who Would Be King

Marshall Wind

Mary´s Baby Boy


Midnight of the World

Midnight Train

Midnight Train 2

Midnight Wind

Miracle Mile

Missouri Birds

Molly and Tenbrooks

Molly Dee


Moonlight Dream
Moonlight Rider

Morning Thunder

Mother Country

Mucky Truckee River


Naked Angel on a Star-Crossed Train

Nebraska Widow
Neon Road

Never Goin´ Back (To Nashville Anymore)

The New Frontier
New Orleans


Night of a Distant Star


Odin (Spirit of the Water)

Oh Miss Mary

The Oldest Living Son
Old Rivers & Slow Moving Trains

Omaha Rainbow

One-Eyed Joe

One Grain of Sand

One More Town

One Shining Day

On You Like the Wind

Over the Hill


Paths Are Many

People in the Mirror

Pilots in Blue

The Pirates of Stone County Road

Price of the Fire

Promise the Wind


Quarter Moon on the Golden Gate

The Queen of Hollywood High


The Raven

Razorback Woman

Reasons to Rise

Redemption for the Man

Remembering the Sun

Ride Stone Blind

The River

River Run Down

Rivers of Light

Road Away

The Road Shines Bright

Road to Freedom

Rockin' as the Night Rolls On

Rock It in My Own Sweet Time
Rocky Top

Roll Away the Stone

Rose Water

Run the Ridges

The Runaway Fool of Love

Runaway Train

The Runner
Turning of the Wheel


Same Old Heart

Santa Barbara
Seven Angels

Seven Times the Wind

Shackles and Chains

Shadows of the Angels' Wings

She Believes in Me

Signals to Ludi

Silver Wings

Sing My Heart Away

Sister Mercy

Sky Blue 8


Slow Dance

Some Kind of Love

Some Lonesome Picker

Somewhere Down the Line

Song for a Friend

Songs of All the Angels

The Spinnin´ of the World


Star in the Black Sky Shining

Strange Rivers

Stories of Old



Sweet Dreams

Swift Lizard


Take Her Out of Pity

Tall Blondes


Tears of the Sun


That Lucky Old Sun (Gillespie/Smith)

Those Who Are Wise

Ticket to the Stars

Till The Lights Come Home

Touch of the Sun


Unchained Beast

Under Heavy Fire


Virginia 2


Waiting for Saints

Walk on the Moon

Waltz of the Crazy Moon

Wheatfield Lady

Wheels of Thunder

Wheel Within the Clay

When My Love Was Here

When the Night Was Ours

When You've Been Away for a Long Time

Where the Wind Can't Find Me

Who Stole the Soul of Johnny Dreams?

Wild Horse Road

The Wild Side of You


Wind Dies Down

Wind on the River

Wingless Angels

Wolves in the Kitchen


You Can´t Look Back

You Won't be Going Home


Zapata´s Own Comrades