Santa Barbara


Written by John Stewart


‘Santa Barbara’ is from “Signals Through the Glass- The Songs of John Stewart and Buffy Ford”, Capitol Records (68).

John plays it in Bb/C; F/G suits my voice.  I owe the minor chord on "roads" in the chorus to “Triofan” John August Lee. 

(“Signals Through the Glass” has been re-released as CD by Folk Era, 2004.)




(F) (F/E) (Dm7) (F/C) (F)  (F/E) (Dm7) (F/C)

And(F)here I (F/E)go, (Dm7)

Running, (F/C)reaching through the (F)past,(F/E) (Dm7)

I cut my (F/C)heart upon (F)some glass,(F/E) (Dm7)

Lying (F/C)broken in the (F)grass.(F/E) (Dm7) (F/C)


He was a (F)boy (F/E)  (Dm7)

On the (F/C)North Dakota (F)line, (F/E) (Dm7)

Reaching (F/C)out for me (F)through time, (F/E) (Dm7)

How his (F/C)eyes were full of (F)mine. (F/E) (Dm7)


And as I (Bb)leave(C)  Santa (C7)Barbara be(F)hind, (Dm)

Dakota (Gm)roads(C)  I will (F)find. (F7)

And as I (Bb)leave(C)  Santa (C7)Barbara be(F)hind, (Dm)

Dakota (Gm)roads,(C)  please be (F)kind.(F/E) (Dm7) (D7)


We had to (G)move, (G/F#) (Em)

Mama (G/D)wanted to be (G)free. (G/F#) (Em)

Cali(G/D)fornia seemed (G)to me (G/F#) (Em)

As far as (G/D)any place could (G)be. (G/F#) (Em) (G/D)


And all his (G)poems, (G/F#) (Em)

They are (G/D)songs now of their (G)own, (G/F#) (Em)

And the (G/D)melody a(G)lone (G/F#) (Em)

Sings, "Are you (G/D)ever coming (G)home?"(G/F#) (Em)


And as I (C)leave(D)  Santa (D7)Barbara be(G)hind,(Em)

Dakota (Am)roads(D)  I will (G)find. (G7)

And as I (C)leave(D)  Santa (D7)Barbara be(G)hind, (Em)

Dakota (Am)roads,(D) please be (G)kind.(G/F#) (Em) (G/D)

(G) (G/F#) (Em) (G/D) (G) (G/F#) (Em) (G/D) (G) (G/F#) (Em) (G/D) (G)


© John Stewart