Broken Roses


Written by John Stewart


‘Broken Roses’ is on “The Day the River Sang”, Appleseed, 2006. 

Great song.  Can be seen as sort of an update of John´s equally great song ‘The Last Hurrah’, as Tim Riley points out.  Lovely arrangement, not too fancy, just right.  I hear John has confirmed it´s really ‘weathered dreams’, not ‘withered’ as printed in the booklet.  And this song does sound really good when you play and sing it alone. 

Playing hint: When you play this song alone, embellish a bit during the interludes.  Some of the F-chords there might be Fj7s.



Capo 2nd fret


(C)  (F)  (Am)  (G)  (C)  (F)  (Am)  (G)

All the times I've (C)run

When we've just be(F)gun,

We lost the midnight (Am)sun

In the (G)dream.


And all the times I (C)cried,

All the times I (F)tried

To make a lame bird (Am)fly

In the (G)sun. (G7)


If all the lights break (C)through

Shades of after(F)noon,

All the dreams were (Am)you,



So I (F)ride the (G)tired (Am)road,

Every (F)story (G)I have (C)told

Is (F)just all as it (G)seems.

Broken (F)roses, weathered (G)dreams. (G7)

(C)  (F)  (Am)  (G)  (C)  (F)  (Am)  (G) (G7)


And all the days run (C)clean,

Faces on the (F)screen.

Don't know what it (Am)means,

But I'm playing it (G)through.


And all the times I´ve (C)run

When we´ve just be(F)gun,

Lost the midnight (Am)sun

In the (G)dream. (G7)


And I (F)ride the (G)tired (Am)road,

Every (F)story (G)I have (C)told,

And it´s (F)just all as it (G)seems.

Broken (F)roses, weathered (G)dreams,

And the broken (F)roses, (G) weathered (C)dreams.

(C)  (F)  (Am)  (G)  (C)  (F)  (Am)  (G)

(C)  (F)  (Am)  (G)  (C)  (F)  (Am)  (G)  (C)


© John Stewart, All Rights Reserved


Charlie Woodward, Art Faller &


January 2006