Friend of Jesus


Written by John Stewart


‘Friend of Jesus’ is from the excellent “Willard” album, (Capitol, ST540, 1970), best re-release as BGO Records double CD (2001) (together with the even better “California Bloodlines” [69]). 

This song should be sung at church services, maybe alongside Kris Kristofferson´s 'Jesus Was a Capricorn' and John Prine´s 'Everybody'.  (Rev, I suppose you could think of more good ones…).  You´ll learn more from a good song than you´ll learn at school.

This is a good song.



(C)Jesus (C/B)was a (F)friend of (C/G)John´s,

(Dm/C)hm hm (G/D)hm hm (C)hm,(bass run:GG-A-B)

(C)Jesus (C/B)was a (F)friend of (C/G)Paul's,

(Dm7/C)hm hm (G/D)hm hm (C)hm. (bass run:GA-GB)

(C)He was a (C/E)friend of (F)Matthew, (high notes: ccdc)

(C)James, John, (C/B)down the (F)line, (high notes: ccdc)

I (C)do be(C/B)lieve I'd have (Am)been a (Am/G)friend

of (F)Jesus (G)in his (C)time. (F) (Em) (G/D)


(C)Jesus (C/B)walked the (F)streets at (C/G)night,

(Dm/C)hm hm (G/D)hm hm (C)hm, (bass run:GG-A-B)

(C)Jesus, (C/B)he didn't (F)need a (C/G)light,

(Dm7/C)hm hm (G/D)hm hm (C)hm.(bass run:GA-GB)

(C)Jesus (C/E)walked with the (F)harlots, (high notes:ccdc)

and he (C)ran with the (C/B)hoodlum (F)kind, (high notes:ccdc)

and I (C)do (C/B)believe I'd have (Am)been a (Am/G)friend

of (F)Jesus (G)in his (C)time. (F) (Em) (G/D)

(C)Hm (F)hm (C/E)hm (A7/E)hm…


(D)Jesus (D/C#)hung with the (G)hard line (D/A)gang,

(Em/D)hm hm (A/E)hm hm (D)hm,(bass run:AABC#)

(D)Jesus (D/C#)knew the (G)songs they (D/A)sang,

(Em7/D)hm hm (A/E)hm hm (D)hm. (bass run:AB-AC#)

(D)He didn't (D/F#)have no (G)money, (high notes:dded)

I (D)hear he didn't (D/C#)have a (G)dime, (high notes:dded)

I (D)do (D/C#)believe I'd have (Bm)been a (Bm/A)friend

of (G)Jesus (A)in his (D)time,

I do (D/C#)believe I'd have (Bm)been a (Bm/A)friend

of (G)Jesus (A)in his (D)time.


Good God Al(D/C#)mighty, my (Bm)darling (Bm/A)Jesus,

(G)you are a (A)friend of (D)mine.

Come on (D/C#)along, we'll (Bm)sing another (Bm/A)song

of (G)Jesus (A)in his (D)prime.

They caught him in the (D/C#)yard, the (Bm)national (Bm/A)guard,

and (G)Jesus, (A) he was (D)crucified.

Open up the (D/C#)door, he's (Bm)seen it all (Bm/A)before,

and (G)Jesus, (A)he is (D)on your side.

Good God (D/C#)Almighty, my (Bm)darling (Bm/A)Jesus,

(G)you are a (A)friend of (D)mine.

You aren´t a(D/C#)lone, (Bm)he will walk you (Bm/A)home,

(G)Jesus, (A)he's there (D)by your side.

Good God (D/C#)Almighty, my (Bm)darling (Bm/A)Jesus,

(G)you are a (A)friend of (D)mine.


© John Stewart, All Rights Reserved


Charlie Woodward, Art Faller &


P.S. You can play an (Em/B) instead of the (C/B) in the first line of the verses.  The important thing is to let the bass note ring out.  That´s a (F#m/C#) after the key shift.