The Americans


Written by John Stewart


'The Americansis from “The Americans Plus”, Neon Dreams, 2002.


Charlie Woodward did most of the work; I mainly added some bass notes.  Charlie writes: “Beginning at the end of the first verse, there is an additional guitar capoed at 7, played in D -- just transpose accordingly for that high, jingly sound that's on the cut.  It's almost a 'Here Comes the Sun' sort of sound.”



Bass notes  A  EED  DEA  EED  DE leading to

(A)  (A/E)(A/E)(D)  (D)(A/E)(A/E)(A)  (A)(A/E)(A/E)(D) (hold)


There are(A)heroes on the streets of (D)New York,

(A)Heroes on the (F#m)planes who(D)won't come (E)home.

(A)Heroes all the guys who rode (D)engine number nine,

The (Bm)heroes that will (E)never be (A)known, (F#m)

(D)Heroes who will (E)never be (A)known.

(A/E)(A/E)(A/E)(D)  (D)(A/E)(A/E)(A) (A)(A/E)(A/E)(D) (hold)


And they were (A)watching from the farms of (D)Kansas,

(A)Watching from the (F#m)homes of (D)Ohi(E)o,

(A)Watching from the schools out on (D)Second Avenue,

The (Bm)heroes that will (E)never be (A)known, (F#m)

(D)Heroes that will (E)never be (A)known.  (F#m) (D) (E)


(A/C#))Here's (E/B)to the (D)Americans,

(A)Born in the (F#m)land of the (Bm)brave and the (E)free.

(A/C#))Here's  (E/B)to the (D)Americans,

Sure they (A)look a whole (F#m)lot like (E)you and (A)me.

(A/E)(A/E)(A/E)(D)  (D)(A/E)(A/E)(A)  (A)(A/E)(A/E)(D)


(G) Don't they know who we (F#m)are?

(G) Don't they know who we've (F#m)been?

(G) In every (A)city and (D)farm, (Bm)

(G) All the (A)women and (D)men,

Who were (G)born at the time of holding the line,

And we'll (Em)do it again and (A)again.  (E)


And (A/C#)we (E/B)are the (D)Americans,

(A)Born in the(F#m)land of the (Bm)brave and the (E)free.

(A/C#)We (E/B)are the (D)Americans,

And we (A)look a whole (D)lot like (E)you and (A)me.


(E/B)Oh,  (A/C#)we (E/B)are the (D)Americans,

(A)Born in the (F#m)land of the (D)brave and the (E)free.

(A/C#))We (E/B)are the (D)Americans,

Sure we (A)look a whole (D)lot like (E)you and (A)me,

Sure we (A)look a whole (D)lot like (E)you and (A)me.


Oh, we(hold) are the (D)Americans… (A)


© John Stewart, All Rights Reserved


Charlie Woodward &

(The team)