Art Fallerīs Land


Written by John Stewart


'Art Fallerīs Land' is on Johnīs November 2003 Neon Dreams “Tanforan” CD.  Naturally, I asked Art to write the intro.  Thanks, Art! Here we go...


“'s a great story and has a very catchy melody.  John and his creative juices at work.  And all about nothing.  Yes, a song about nothing!   

And that's why it's a so much fun song to listen to.  A long road trip on the east coast tour.  Conversation between some very tired friends that somehow causes the ever mild mannered Gonzo to make a most unusual declaratory statement.  One that completely disarms his passenger. 

And then results in the passenger pressing the conversation further and further and further.  So, make sure 'you never say a word about Art Fallers Land' or one might just get his or her ??? chopped off!” 



Play (G), hammer on b note on G-string (D) (G)

Play (G), hammer on b note on G-string (D) (G)

Play (G), hammer on b note on G-string (D) (G)

Play (G), hammer on b note on G-string (D) (G)



Yeah, I know you heard Gonzalez is an (D)excellent (G)man,

You want him when you travel 'cause he'll (D)do what he (G)can,

But (D)I gotta warn you, he won't understand,

So (G)never (G/F#)say a (Em)word

(Em7/D)About (C)Art Faller's (G)land.

 (G/F#) (Em) (Em7/D) (C)  (G)  (D) (G)


Gonzalez, he's a guy with a (D)natural (G)calm,

He makes a living as a lawyer and he (D)mows his own (G)lawn.

He (D)checks outs the gigs and he (D7)drives to the shows,

He'll (G)sell (G/F#)what you (Em)got

(Em7/D)When they're (C)ready to (G)close.

Oh, (D)I got a guitar, so he (D7)gives me a hand,

I (G)never (G/F#)say a (Em)word (Em7/D)about (C)Art Fallerīs (G)land.

 (G/F#) (Em) (Em7/D) (C)  (G) (G/F#) (Em) (Em7/D) (C)

(highlight hammered on A-note on G-string, B-B on B-string, 2x)

(D) (G)


Faller picked me up for the (D)Rhode Island (G)show

Stayed at his place, heīs as (D)nice as they (G)go.

Said, (D)"You travel light and you (D7)donīt have a band,

(G)Let me take you (G/F#)out and (Em)show you

(Em7/D)Some of (C)Art Fallerīs (G)land."

 (G/F#) (Em) (Em7/D) (C)  (G)  (Em)  (C)  (G) 

 (G/F#) (Em) (Em7/D) (C)  (G)


I asked about Gonzalez, says he (D)knows him real (G)good,

They used to tear around in the (D)old neighbour(G)hood.

Said, he (D)got a little funny and he (D7)called himself Dan,

He (G)never (G/F#)took a (Em)drive

(Em7/D)Out to (C)Art Fallerīs (G)land,

He never (G/F#)took a (Em)drive (Em7/D)out to (C)Art Fallerīs (G)land.

(G/F#) (Em) (Em7/D) (C)  (G) (G/F#) (Em) (Em7/D) (C)  (G)   (C) (G5)

(G)  (D) (G)


On the last tour, maybe (D)nine months or (G)so,

We stopped to get gas and a (D)Yoo-Hoo to (G)go

(D)I asked Gonzalez, "Who calls you Dan?"

He (G)snapped (G/F#)like a (Em)dog

(Em7/D)Goinī to (C)take off your (G)hand.

He said, (D)"How should I know? Maybe some little man,

(G)Keeps monkeys (G/F#)wearing (Em)speedos (Em7/D)on (C)Art Fallerīs (G)land.

(G/F#) (Em) (Em7/D) (C)  (G)


(D)He gets funny, so you (D7)donīt call him Dan,

And (G)never (G/F#)say a (Em)word (Em7/D)about (C)Art Fallerīs (G)land,

No, never (G/F#)say a (Em)word a(Em7/D)bout (C)Art Fallerīs (G)land,

You never (G7F#)say a (Em)word, (G)never (G/F#)say a (Em)word,

(G)Never (G/F#)say a (Em)word (Em7/D)about (C)Art Fallerīs (G)land.

 (G/F#) (Em) (Em7/D) (C)  (G) (G/F#) (Em) (Em7/D) (C)  (G)

 (G/F#) (Em) (Em7/D) (C)  (G) (G/F#) (Em) (Em7/D) (C)  (G)


Đ John Stewart, All Rights Reserved


Charlie Woodward, & Art Faller himself