Rocky Top


Written by Felice & Boudleaux Bryant


‘Rocky Top’ is from “Trancas”, Affordable Dreams, 1984, CD re-issue with two bonus songs by Affordable Dreams, 1988, and Line Records, 1990, I think.

The CD with the bonus songs ‘Heart of a Kid’ and Irresistible Targets’ (both recorded 1988) was released again by Neon Dreams in 2002. 

Fast little song, fun to play. 

Charlie says:

Warning: If you are in the State of Florida, do not play this song during college football season. You may be assaulted by Gator fans and we take no responsiblity for your safety.



Capo 3rd fret

(D)  (G) (D) (A) (D)   (G)  (D) (A) (D)
(G) (D)  (A) (D)  (G) (D)  (A) (D) (A7short) (D) [this second line is an instrumental verse]
Wish that I was
(G)back on (D)Rocky Top,
Down in the
(A)Tennessee (D)hills.
Ain't no smoggy
(G)smoke on (D)Rocky Top,
Ain't no
(A)telephone (D)bills.(A7short) (D)

Once I had a
(G)girl on (D)Rocky Top,
Half bear, the
(A)other half (D)cat,
Wild as a mink but
(G)sweet as (D)soda pop,
I still
(A)dream about (D)that. (D7)

(G)Rocky Top, you'll (D)always (Bm)be
(E7)Home Sweet Home to (A)me, (A7)
(D)Good old (G)Rocky Top (D)hill,
Rocky Top,
(G) (D)  (A) (D)  (G) (D)  (A) (D) (A7short) (D) [instrumental verse]

Once two strangers (G)climbed ol' (D)Rocky Top,
Looking for a
(A)moonshine (D)still.
Strangers ain't come
(G)down from (D)Rocky Top,
Reckon that they
(A)never (D)will.(A7short) (D)

Corn won't grow at
(G)all on (D)Rocky Top,
It's too
(A)rocky by (D)far.
That's why all the
(G)folks on (D)Rocky Top
Get their
(A)corn from a (D)jar. (D7)

(G)Rocky Top, you'll (D)always (Bm)be
(E7)Home Sweet Home to (A)me, (A7)
(D)Good old (G)Rocky Top (D)hill,
Rocky Top,
(G) (D)  (A) (D)  (G) (D)  (A) (D) (A7short) (D)

(G) (D)  (A) (D)  (G) (D)  (A) (D) (A7short) (D)

[two instrumental verses, fade towards the end]

© Felice & Boudleaux Bryant, All Rights Reserved


Charlie Woodward, & Art Faller


April 2008