Slow Dance


Written by John Stewart


'Slow Dance' is on the "Bandera" cassette (out-of-print limited release, 1994) and on the "Bandera" live album (they´re not the same – nice to have both), Feegie,  1994, then Folk Era, 1998.  There´s also an instrumental 'Slow Dance' on the "Savanah" CD, Neon Dreams, 2002 (reissue of the 1992 cassette, Crow). 

Hypnotic slow ballad, great for dancing on a moonlit night, maybe on a big hotel balcony, champagne in a cooler, sounds of a lazy ocean not too far away, rustling silk…  Anyway, here it is…



(G) (Em7) (C) (D)

(G) Green (Em7)eyes (C) and summer moonlight,(D)

(G) Blue (Em7)moon (C)in a summer's sky.(D)

(G) The future (Em7)in (C) moment's glan(D)ces,

(C) Heaven (C/B)in a (D7)lover's (G)eye.(D)


(G) Friday (Em7)falls (C) like warm moon(D)beam,

(G) Monday (Em7)falls, and the (C)rain is cold.(D)

(G) And Friday (Em7)falls like (C)sweet sun(D)shine,

(C) Satur(C/B)day it (D7)falls like (G)gold.(D)


(G) For a slow (Em7)dance (C) in a blue blue (D)moon,

(G) Slow (Em7)dance as the (C)river runs.(D)

(G) One (Em7)chance came (C) none to (D)soon

(C) For a slow (C/B)dance in a (D7)blue blue (G)moon.(D)

(G) (Em7) (C) (D) (G) (Em7) (C) (D)


(G) Music's (Em7)like (C) a midnight (D)railroad,

(G) Electric (Em7)as a (C)dance hall band.(D)

(G) Slow (Em7)dance is a (C)blues in moon(D)light,

(C) Moonlight (C/B)is a (D7)lover's (G)hand.(D)


(G) Dreaming (Em7)in (C)blue blue shadows,(D)

(G) Holding (Em7)someone in (C)four four time.(D)

(G) Dancing (Em7)in a (C) million (D)shadows,

(C) Dancing (C/B)in a (D7)lover's (G)eye.(D)


(G) Slow (Em7)dance (C) in a blue blue (D)moon,

(G) Slow (Em7)dance (C) as the river (D)runs.

(G) One (Em7)chance came (C)none to (D)soon

(C) For a slow (C/B)dance in a (D7)blue blue (G)moon.(D)

(G) (Em7) (C) (D) (G) (Em7) (C) (D) (G) (Em7) (C) (D) (G) (C) (C/B) (D7) (G)


© John Stewart, All Rights Reserved, Charlie Woodward and Art Faller


October 2004