Razorback Woman


Written by John Stewart

‘Razorback Woman’ is a song I have played for years and I didn´t expect many "good" changes when I sent it to Charlie Woodward.  The boy must have ears as big as an elephant (strictly figuratively speaking!), he came up with the (Cj7)s and the (D7) and the (C) (Em) (Am) for the next to last line for the verses - I had played it like the first line, which is a very nice alternative (check it out), but I think Charlie´s got what John plays.  I´d like to dedicate this post to Lord French Tom  De Lisle.  I know he loves the song.

‘Razorback Woman’ is on the “California Bloodlines” LP (Capitol Records, 69) best re-release as CD is the BGO double cdCalifornia Bloodlines/Willard”.  John plays it in the key of D, we have it in C- so put a capo on the 2nd fret.

This is the way Charlie plays the Cj7:


Charlie writes: I cover both E&A strings with ring finger and play all strings (I´d play the low E-string with thumb or pinkie, J.H.).  (You usually don´t play the low E-string in a Cj7, but it´s nice here).

(C) (C/B) (Am) (Am/G-A-B) (C) (C/B) (Am) (Am/G-A-B)
I (C)still can re(C/B)member Pa (Am)coming home (Am/G)drunk
With the (F)boys from the (G)Union Hall (C)station,
And it's hard to be(C/B)lieve all the (Am)words that I (Am/G)read,
We are (F)living in (G)God's favourite (Am)nation.
And I (F)knew he was ill from the (Cj7)size of his pills,
But he (F)choked on the (D7)preacher's sal(G)vation.
And I (C)know that his blood, it still (Em)flows in my (Am)veins,
As I (F)fall for each (G)blue-eyed temp(C)tation.

And the (F)razorback woman who (Cj7)stood by his side
Is (F)skinny and (G)fixing to (C)die,
Oh, the (F)razorback woman is (Cj7)calling me home,
And she (F)cries, (G)(hold)
Oh my God, how she (C)cries…(C/B) (Am) (Am/G-A-B)
(C) (C/B) (Am) (Am/G-A-B)

I was (C)only four(C/B)teen and my (Am)Dad, he was (Am/G)mean,
When his (F)face shined a (G)river of (C)sweat.
Oh, he started (C/B)yelling "You'll (Am)go straight to (Am/G)hell,"
And, "You're (F)young and your (G)ears are still (Am)wet."
When the (F)other young boys were en(Cj7)joying their toys
He (F)gave me my (D7)first ciga(G)rette,
And (C)I'd like to say that (Em)these were the (Am)days
That my (F)sprung lungs won´t (G)ever for(C)get.

And the (F)razorback woman who (Cj7))stood by his side
Is (F)skinny and (G)fixing to (C)die,
Oh, the (F)razorback woman is (Cj7)calling me home,
And she (F)cries, (G)(hold)
Oh my God, how she (C)cries…(C/B) (Am) (Am/G-A-B)
(C) (C/B) (Am) (Am/G-A-B) (C) (C/B) (Am) (Am/G-A-B) (C)...

© John Stewart, All Rights Reserved

janhauenstein@gmx.de &
Charlie Woodward