Old Rivers And Slow Moving Trains


Written by John Stewart


This is an unreleased song, but you can find out what it sounds like…  Go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd992EsvWKQ&mode=related&search=

Tom DeLisle aka Lord French played it at Fantasy Camp in Scottsdale, August 2007, for John Stewart and the Campers.

Great song, hmm?  And guess who gave us the chords?  Thank you, Tom.



(C)  (G)  (C)  (G)  (C)  (G)  (C)  (G) 

Sunny (C)skies

(G) would never (Am)show without the (Em)rain,

Happy (F)times

(C) We'd never (F)know without the (G)pain.


(G)That you (Am)have no one to (Em)blame.

Moving (F)on like old (C)rivers,

And (F)slow (G)rolling (Am)trains,

(Em)Moving (F)on like old (C)rivers,

And (F)slow (G)rolling (C)trains.  (G)  (C)  (G) 


Lose it (C)all,

(G) (Am)You might find it (Em)then,

Against the (F)wall,

(C) But you'll (F)know who are your (G)friends.

And if you (C)fall,

(G) (Am)You can rise a(Em)gain.

We're moving (F)on like old (C)rivers,

And (F)birds u(G)pon the (Am)wind,

We´re (Em)moving (F)on like old (C)rivers,

And (F)birds u(G)pon the (C)wind.


(F)Nothing good comes (G)easy,

(C)Nothing (G)easy's (Am)free...

And if (F)loving you is (G)all I do,

It's (C)still all (G)right with (Am)me.


So we (F)take along a(G)nother song,

Go (C)moving (G)with the (Am)change.

We're moving (F)on like old (C)rivers

And (F)slow (G)moving (Am)trains...

Moving (F)on like old (C)rivers,

And (F)slow (G)rolling (C)trains....


© John Stewart, All Rights Reserved