Crows Landing


Written by John Stewart


'Crows Landing' is from "Teresa and the Lost Songs" (cass - Crow1, 1992; CD re-release with two songs added but, sadly, three songs left off, by Homecoming,  1998). 

This is a song in which you can lose yourself when you play it.  Kind of plays itself.  To be played to the man or lady in your life at irregular intervals (that´s to say,  not only on the occasion of anniversaries).













(C) (Fj7) (C) (Fj7) (C) (Fj7)

(C) (Fj7) (Cj7) (Fj7)


(C) Lonely as the (Fj7)night time,

(Cj7) As the day without a (Fj7)sunshine,

(Cj7) As a kid without a (Fj7)good time,

(Cj7) As a drunk without some (Fj7)bad (G)wine,

(C)Keeping that in (Fj7)mind,

(Dm7) You know I'm (G)still in (G/F)love with (C)you. (Fj7) (Cj7) (Fj7)


And (C)hopeless as a (Fj7)snowflake,

(Cj7) As a frozen pond and only (Fj7)one skate,

(Cj7) A fisherman with(Fj7)out bait,

(Cj7) No gas station and (Fj7)you can't (G)wait,

(C)Keeping that in (Fj7)mind,

(Dm7) You know I'm (G)still in (G/F)love with (C)you. (Fj7) (Cj7) (C7)


And (F)hope is like des(Em)pair,

It won't (F)get you (G)any(C)where.

And those (F)days on Crows (Em)Landing

To (F)me are (G)like a (C)branding,

Keeping that in (Fj7)mind,

(Dm7)You know I'm (G)still in (G/F)love with (C)you. (Fj7) (Cj7) (Fj7)

(Cj7) (Fj7) (Cj7) (Fj7) (Cj7) (Fj7) (Cj7) (Fj7)


(C) Empty as a (Fj7)tin can,

(Cj7) A parade without a (Fj7)brass (G)band,

(Cj7) Dancer without a (Fj7)feather fan,

(Cj7) A mayor without a (Fj7)grand(G)stand,

And (C)keeping that in (Fj7)mind,

(Dm7) You know I'm (G)still in (G/F)love with (C)you. (Fj7) (Cj7) (Fj7)

(Cj7)Keeping that in (Fj7)mind,

(Dm7) You know I'm (G)still in (G/F)love with (C)you. (Fj7) (Cj7) (Fj7) (Cj7)


© John Stewart, All Rights Reserved


Charlie Woodward, & Art Faller


December 2004