Written by John Stewart


‘Justiceville’ is on “The Secret Tapes ´86”, Homecomimg Records, 1986 and “Airdream Believer – A Retrospective”, Shanachie, 1995. 

In lieu of an introduction, I searched the net and found something you might want to read.  See below the song.



Airdream Believer version


Capo 2nd fret


(C)  (Em)


This in from Los (C)Angeles, a group of homeless people built a town

of cardboard and plywood (Em)shacks on a vacant lot in downtown Los Angeles.

They were evicted to(C)day and their houses bulldozed down –

the city considered them a health (Em)hazard.

They were moved, however, to the sidewalk ten feet away,

(C)where they remain today.

Many of them were women and children.

They (D)called their town Justiceville.



Hey (C)Mama, (D) have you seen the (G)dream? (Em)

(C) Have you seen the (D)highway

(G) Where the (G/F#)El Dorados (Em)scream?

Hey (C)Mama, (D) have you seen the (Em)dream?


And hey (C)Mama, (D) did we have a (G)light? (G/F#) (Em)

(C) Did it shine in our front (D)window

(G) In the (G/F#)middle of the darkest (Em)night?

Hey (C)mama, (D) have you seen the (Em)light?

Yes I (D)have and it's burning (Em)still (hold)


Oh (C)Jus(G)tice(D)ville, (C) all they (D)wanted was a (G)home.

(C)Jus(G)tice(D)ville, (C) a little (D)place to call their (Em)own,

Where no one can (D)throw the stone.

Justice(Em)ville. (C) (Em) (C)


Hey Mama, (D) have you seen Crazy (G)Joe? (Em)

(C) I hear he talks to (D)Angels

(G) And (G/F#)folks that he don't (Em)know.

Hey (C)Mama, (D) have you seen Cr(Em)azy Joe?


Hey (C)Mama, (D) do we have a (Em)dream?

(C) Will we have a (D)home someday

(G) Where it's (G/F#)always safe and (Em)clean?

Hey (C)Mama, (D) do we have a (Em)dream?

Yes, we (D)do and it's burning (Em)still…(hold)


Oh, (C)Jus(G)tice(D)ville, (C) all they (D)wanted was a (G)home.

(C)Jus(G)tice(D)ville, (C) a little (D)place to call their (Em)own,

Where no (C)one would (D)throw the stones.



Justiceville, (C) (D)


Justice(C)ville, (D)

Justice(Em)ville, (C) (D)

Justice(Em)ville, (C) (D)



© John Stewart, All Rights Reserved


Charlie Woodward, Art Faller & janhauenstein@gmx.de


February 2005







Dome Village In Los Angeles

Ten years ago in Trimtab we reported on Ted Hayes, homeless activist and his Justiceville, USA. We’ve been following his work over the years and spoke with him recently on the phone. Hayes and his organization, Justiceville/Homeless USA, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, has transformed an unsightly 1 1/4 acre homeless encampment site in downtown Los Angeles into a community of formerly homeless people allowing them to become more productive, industrious, and responsible. In April of ’93, ARCO, under the then leadership of CEO and Board Chairman, Mr. Lod Cook, led the way with a contribution of $250,000. Mayor Richard Riordan endorsed the project and smoothed the way for progress through the city bureaucracy. The Village opened on November 5, 1993, providing housing and supportive service for 18-24 individuals and families. The 20 foot Omni-Sphere domes “stand as symbols of innovative solutions which depart from the way things have ‘always been done.’”

Their most recent addition is the CyberDome, a new computer education center. The computer education center is housed in a special 20 foot Survival Sphere Dome designed by Craig Chamberlain. The Dome Village has been sponsoring regular computer education classes since February 1998 which have provided positive results for many residents. Student volunteers from USC have assisted the Dome Village Program Director with teaching. It is hoped this program will be greatly expanded in 1999. A number of USC/CyberDome special events are planned such as “Cyber Teach-Ins” which will bring volunteers together with homeless and youth from the community for educational programs.

Hayes feels they have learned many good lessons from the current Dome Village. For their next project they plan to improve the domes by using an insulated structure. Currently the cities of Miami Beach, San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley have expressed interested in setting up dome villages in their cities.

Hayes has also written the “National Homeless Plan” to “stop outlawing homelessness and to break the homeless cycle.” The Plan advocates the appointment of a cabinet-level Commissioner of Homeless who would have the task of coordinating a National Commission on the Homeless. The Commission would work with HUD and other government agencies to implement real solutions to transition people from homelessness to active economic participation (as outlined in the Plan). The Plan has been submitted to President Clinton and has gained support from Representative Richard Gephart, the Mayor of Los Angeles and others. For a copy of the full Plan visit their web site at members.aol.com/homeless. You can also reach Hayes at e-mail: homeless@aol.com or (213) 892-9011, fax (213) 892-9068. The Dome Village is located at 847 Golden Avenue in Los Angeles.


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