If You Should Remember Me


Written by John Stewart


We know that Tim Riley plays guitar and we wanted to do one for him.  This is for you, Tim.  You´ll see why.  And thank you, Tim. 

Art sent me this mail:

“I don't know if Tim has replied to you, but one song he might like is 'If You Should Remember Me.John wrote this on the way to Fantasy Camp, which I attended.  John sang it for Nick Reynolds and the Campers for the first time on the first night and then he sang it again on each of the next two nights at the opening of each night's events.  I know it blew me away when I heard John do the song.  Same possibly with Tim.” 

I had a handwritten version and compared.  For once, they were absolutely identical.  Still, Charlie found a Dm in the verses where we had an F and exchanged a C and a G.  Sounds perfect to me now. 

‘If You Should Remember Me’ is from “Johnny Moonlight”, Neon Dreams, 2000.  There´s a great live version on “Front Row Music-Before the War”, Neon Dreams, 2001.  The fourth song of the medley on the second CD. 

This is a fantastic song, and it´s not difficult to play.  I had to learn it the very day I first heard it.



C9 short








Capo 2nd fret


(C) (C9)(C) (F) (C) (C9)(C) (F)

(C) If you (F)should re(G)member (C)me

(F) When all I (C)am (Dm)is a memo(G)ry,

(C) Would you (G)keep (F) a tiny (C)spark

(F) Burning (C)somewhere (Dm) in your (G)heart?

(highlight a D-note, then a B-note on B-string)


(C) And looking (F)back (G)on all the (C)years,

(F) Days of (C)laughter, (Dm) nights of (G)tears,

And (C)if per(G)haps a (F)bird ap(C)pears,

(F) It will be (C)me (G) who found you (C)here.(C7)


(F) The rain crow (G)calls (C) to the setting sun,(C7)

(F) The curtain (G)falls (C) on every(C7)one.

(F) All my (G)love (E) was holy (Am)art

(F)That I might (C)live (Dm) within your (G)heart.

(highlight a D-note, then a B-note on B-string)

(C) (F) (G) (C) (F) (C) (Dm) (G, high notes run:



(C) And if you (F)should re(G)member (C)me

(F) When all I (C)am (Dm) is a memo(G)ry,

(C) Would you (F)smile (E) once and (Am)say,

(F) "I don't be(C)lieve (Dm)you've gone a(G)way."

And (C)would you (G)keep a (F)tiny (C)spark

(F) Burning (C)somewhere (Dm)in, (high notes run f-e-d-c-d )

(G) in your (C)heart?(C9)(C) (F) (C) (C9)(C) (F) (C)


© John Stewart, All Rights Reserved


Art Faller, janhauenstein@gmx.de & Charlie Woodward