One-Eyed Joe


Written by John Stewart


‘One-Eyed Joe’ is on the 2003 Appleseed CD “Havana”, that´s the song you´ll find below.  First was on the cassette of the same name, Neon Dreams, 1998 – different versions!

Here´s what the liner notes by Tom DeLisle say: "An infectious number that John calls a form of country blues, pointing out that if you´re going to feature a character in country blues, he should be blind or at least have only one eye."  Only two questions remain – does that only go for humans or for, say, dogs, too?  As in, Old one-eyed Blue was a friend of mine?  (Or, of course, Old one-eyed Shep...)And, secondly, why does this song title always remind me of the very intriguing song title ‘The Resurrection of Blind Joe Death’?  (That´s a piece of guitar wizardry played by John Renbourn and Stefan Grossman)No answers required. 

One-Eyed Joe is infectious indeed, mesmerising, too.  Good groove.



Am7 (short)









(Am7 – bass line: A-(low)E-A-(next three rapidly, as a bass run:

C-A-G, repeat)

(in the verses, it´s usually A-(low)E alternating, C-A-G added

now and then. You´ll hear.)


Lightning strikes in the summertime,

One-Eyed Joe was a friend of mine.

And now he's (D7)gone, yeah, he´s moving down the (Am7)line.

(E)One-Eyed Joe, (D7) well, he's on the border(Am7)line.


He's a mover, that One-Eyed Joe.

Packed his bags and went to Mexico.

And now he's (D)gone, he's a-moving down the (Am7)line.

(E)One-Eyed Joe,(D9) well, he's on the border(Am7)line.


Sideways Sally was his girlfriend's name.

She could dance like a monkey train.

And now she's (D)gone, yeah, she's moving down the (Am7)line.

(E7)Sideways Sally, (D7) she's on the border(Am7)line.

Instrumental (Am7)      (D7)  (Am7)    (E) (D9)  (Am7)


One-Eyed Joe, he's a wanted man.

He couldn´t fly right down to Birmingham.

´N´ he can´t (D7)move, can´t move on down the (Am7)line.

(E)One-Eyed Joe (D7) is on the border(Am7)line.


Sideways Sally, One-Eyed Joe,

Living out in a blue condo.

Now they're (D9)gone, (D7)they´re moving down the (Am7)line.

(E)Sideways Sally, One-Eyed Joe, living down on the border(Am7)line.

(E)Sally and Joe,  (D9) on the border (Am7)line.


© John Stewart, All Rights Reserved


Charlie Woodward, & Art Faller