Pic 1Dalry '98

The back room at The Turf Inn, Dalry, Scotland was full to capacity as the crowd eagerly awaited the onstage arrival of their hero, John Stewart.  People were still queuing up at the door to get in but, unfortunately, the room would hold no more people.  Andy Fergus apologised to them, told them to go to the bar and charge the drinks to him for the rest of the night.

We waited and waited but John didn't show up.  Suddenly Andy appeared on the stage and made an announcement.  He explained that John was still in America and couldn't make the show but, to make up for it, he took the entire audience to a posh restaurant, told them to order anything they liked and picked up the bill.  Afterwards he booked everyone into a five star hotel and announced that he had booked a flight for all of us to go and see John in California, at his expense, the next day.

He then got on the phone to Tom Waits and asked him to be the guest of honour.

It was at this point that I awoke from my dream.  Read on.


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The kinda gig you gotta save up for

Two years and we haven't changed a bit

Now you know how FUNKY I can be

The Reverand George Michael

Hairy Scotsmen, log fires and haggis

John's home from home

The Yanks are coming

Strange rivers and slow moving trains



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