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John Stewart was an American singer/songwriter, born in San Diego, California on 5 September 1939 and whose career spanned over 40 years.

I discovered John in the summer of 1974 (I was 19 at the time).  My stepdad had a decorating business in Liverpool and asked me to work for him, during the college vacation, delivering supplies in a Bedford pick-up truck.  Since the truck had no radio, I used to keep a battery-operated radio/cassette player on the passenger seat. 

One day, I decided to go to the local record shop (or store if you are American) to browse the albums.  (CDs hadn't been discovered then).  Once in the truck, I turned on the radio to the local station.  The song they were playing was "July, You're A Woman"; I was totally knocked out.  "Who is this?", I thought.  At first, I thought it was Johnny Cash (whom I really admire) but the voice wasn't as earthy and the backing wasn't familiar.  Unfortunately, when the song came to an end they went straight into a news bulletin and didn't say who the singer was.  I was furious. 

I couldn't believe it when I arrived at the record shop (sorry, store) and they were playing the same song. 

"Who is that singing?" I asked the assistant. 
"Some guy called John Stewart", replied the assistant; "the boss is really into him." 

He showed me the album sleeve and it was the Phoenix Concerts double album. 

"I'll take it," I said, payed him the money and left. 

That summer I listened to nothing but this album and used to sing the songs from it whilst driving around in the truck.  Since then I have bought any John Stewart recordings I have been able to lay my hands on and have been to a number of his gigs here in UK - he is still my favourite. 

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Bob Elliot (Webmaster)
Liverpool, England 


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