Bob's (Occasional) mp3

Updated 19th February 2010.

NOTE : If song fails to play then try the following.  Right click on song title, choose "save target as", then choose the directory you wish the song to be saved to.

John Stewart - Desert of Dreams

Denis Hurst - Ocean Beach Radio

Denis Hurst - Sail the Mississippi

John Stewart & Darwin's Army - Silver Wings

Tom Waits - Hold On

Denis Hurst - Keep the Flame Alive

Denis Hurst - The Story of the List

Mark Knopfler - Are We in Trouble Now

Denis Hurst - Waiting in the Wings

John Stewart - They Call the Wind Mariah

Mickey Newbury - Shuck & Jive

Cornell Hangovers - Daydream Believer

John Stewart - Wheatfield Lady

John Prine - Speed of the Sound of Loneliness

Denis Hurst - The Song Will Survive

Garnet Rogers - Soul Kiss

John Stewart & Lyndsey Buckingham - Spinnin' of the World

Jack Williams - Give it to the Rich Man

Jethro Tull - Skating Away

John Stewart - Durango

Stan Rogers - 45 Years

John Stewart - Chilly Winds

Jack Williams - Solid Gold Rock 'n' Roll

Pierce Pettis - Alabama 1959

Mary Chapin Carpenter (with John Stewart) - Christmas Time in the City

John Stewart - Long Black Veil

John Stewart - Hu Lai Ram

John Stewart - Easy Fever

Mickey Newbury - Ain't No Blues Today

Steve Goodman - Men Who Love Women

John Stewart - Hunger in Your Heart

Mickey Newbury - Unchained Melody

Dave Alvin - King of California

John Stewart - Children of the New Frontier

Jack Williams - Across the Winterline

Dave Alvin - Wanda and Duane

Mark Knopfler - Let it All Go

Gordon Lightfoot - 'Gossip Calypso'

Jack Williams - Waterbug

Maureen McElheron - 'Isn't it Good Again'

John Stewart - 'Jose'

Jethro Tull - 'Bouree'

John Stewart - Texas in Your Soul

John Stewart - East of Denver

Mickey Newbury - 'You're My Lady Now'

Richard Shindell - 'Are You Happy Now'

David Olney - 'Rollin' Down Lee's Highway/Bamaloo'