• Homeward Looking Bird
  • High Flyin' Eagle
  • Cheyenne
  • Irresistible Targets
  • Runaway Train
  • American Way
  • All the Desperate Men
  • Some Kind of Love
  • Walk on the Moon
  • Highway of Light
  • Night of a Distant Star
  • Strange Rivers
  • Fire on the Starborn Chariot
  • Cannons in the Rain
  • Reasons to Rise
  • Looking Back Johanna
  • Missouri Birds
  • Cowboy in the Distance
  • If You Should Remember Me
  • Chasin' Down the Rain (instrumental)

Front Row Moonlight is an outstanding video performance from John Stewart. Filmed in September, 2000 at the Turf Inn, Dalry, Scotland, FRM gives you a front row seat at a concert featuring just John and his guitar. John's performance, the filming, editing and sound quality all come together perfectly to make this video a gem. John gives an emotional delivery creating an intense and intimate experience.

For almost 90 minutes you will believe you are front and center at one of John's finest performances. If you seldom see John in concert you'll want "Front Row Moonlight"; if you often see John in concert you'll treasure this tape as a lasting reminder of the pleasure of the shows.

As an added bonus the video includes several priceless candids: John being interviewed by radio BBC, John sightseeing with friends, John stretched out reading and relaxing in a hotel lobby, and, one truly magical instrumental interlude in a York dressing room. And the song list features the previously unreleased "Fire on the Starborne Chariot", one of the newest and most passionate of John's compositions.

US Residents

Front Row Moonlight will be available at all of John's upcoming shows. You may also purchase this video online using the PayPal link on this page. The cost of the video is $30 plus $4.50 for shipping in US only. International orders will be available soon. Watch this space for details.

Or you may order by mail. Make checks payable to Paul Rybolt

Mail to:
Paul Rybolt
4981 Cornerstone Trail
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387

UK Residents

To place an order for this video, please contact Graeme Livingstone at Fair Oaks Entertainments.
email :

Please note : the video is available in NTSC format only, so please check with your manufacturer to check if your VCR is capable of playing this format.