RSO "Dream Babies Go Hollywood" Promotional Interview for DJs (1980)

This album was intended for DJs of radio stations. The DJ was provided with a set of questions and the album contains the answers to these questions, spoken by John.  The idea was to make the listeners believe that the DJ was actually interviewing John in the studio.

Q1.  Can you explain for me, the title of your last album? Listen 

Q2.  On your album "Dream Babies Go Hollywood" the song 'Hollywood Dreams' describes a girl who is obviously living a fantasy existence.  What's the story behind the song? Listen 

Q3.  After listening to 'Hollywood Dreams' it's apparent that this album is rather different from the last one.  The sound of it is tougher and rockier.  Did it take a long time to put the album together?

Q4.  As you are producing the album yourself you've had a free hand to experiment with different techniques.  'The Raven' has a very haunting unusual sound.  How did the song evolve? Listen 

Q5.  I believe you wrote 'Night Man' for Linda Ronstadt.  How did this come about?

Q6.  A track that might be a good single is 'Wheels of Thunder.'  Was it a song that came easily to you?

Q7.  'Odin' sounds like another single - any story behind this one? Listen 

Q8.  Phil Everly sings on 'Wind On The River.'  How did you get together with him, and what's he like to work with? Listen 

Q9.  Tell me about the song, 'Monterey'. Listen 

Q10.  Some of your songs portray an underlying feeling of strong emotion running through them and 'Lady of Fame' would seem a good example of this. Listen 

Q11.  Tell me about 'Love Has Tied My Wings' and how you recorded it. Listen 

Q12.  'Moonlight Rider' is a very short track on the album, and in fact it's totally different from all the other tracks, isn't it? Listen 

Q13.  How do you feel, John, when you have worked four and a half months on an album and given it everything you've got, and it's almost finished except for a few final touches? Listen  

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