John Stewart : Secret Tapes (2002; Neon Dreams) (CD)
Ticket to the Stars, Spirit in the Light, Seven Times the Wind, Illegals, The City,
Jenny at the Wheel, Prison Without Walls, Going Home, The River, China Skies,
Hearts of the Highlands, Summer Sun's Cold, Justiceville, Stand by the Children, 
The Grace of Rain, Seven Angels, Irresistible Targets, Quarter Moon, The Heartless,
I Could Have Been a Runner, Call the Women Home, Sweet Dreams Will Come, Women,
Tears of the Sun

Re-release of the original cassettes, "Secret Tapes" and "Secret Tapes II (US Release)."
Note : Some tracks which appear on the original release ('Price of the Fire,' 'California Bloodlines
Medley' and 'Unchained Beast') have been omitted from this recording.

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