Rocket Roy in the Real World Plus
John Stewart : Rocket Roy In The Real World Plus (1999) (CD)
Prelude, Slaughter Lane, White Babies and Roses, Blaze and Diego, Moonlight Dream, The Ghost of the Superchief, I Remember America, Living in the World, Mass Evacuation of the Promised Land, Glory, Hopeless Utopia, Reprise

This is a re-release of the original cassette.  Contains 5 extra songs, 'Long Train of Dreams,' 'One Grain of Sand,'  'Radio Slaves,' 'Who Stole the Soul of Johnny Dreams' and 'Rivers of Light.'  One song from the original cassette, 'Tasteless Glory,' has been omitted.

Buffy Ford Stewart - Background vocals
Fritz Scholder - Cameo appearance
John Stewart - Everything else

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