Punch the Big Guy John Stewart : Punch The Big Guy (1987 The Ship/Cypress) (LP)
Angels With Guns, Strange Rivers, Hunters of the Sun, Price of the Fire, Midnight of the World, Night of a Distant Star, Botswanna, Ticket To the Stars, Runaway Train, Children of the New Frontier

Vocals - John Stewart
Guitars - John Stewart, Pat Flynn, Brent Rowan
Drums - Dennis Kenmore, Eddie Bayers
Bass - Dave Batti, Rick Bedrosian, Edgar Meyers
Synthesisers - John Hoke, Edgar Meyers
Violin - Connie H
Singers -
Rosanne Cash, Ashley Cleveland, Michael Cody, Jimmy Feet, Bill Lloyd, Chuck McDermott, Jeannie Smith,
Steven Soles, Buffy Ford Stewart, Rebecca Stout

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