John Stewart : The Lonesome Picker Rides Again (1971 Warner Bros; K46135) (LP)
Just an Old Love Song, The Road Shines Bright, Touch of the Sun, Bolinas, Freeway Pleasure, Swift Lizard, Wolves in the Kitchen, Little Road and a Stone To Roll, Daydream Believer, Crazy, Wild Horse Road, All the Brave Horses

Vocals - John Stewart, Buffy Ford
Background vocals - Michael Stewart, Buffy Ford, Bryan Garofalo, Peter Fullerton,
Henry Diltz, Rick Cunha, Jennifer, Peter Asher, Kate Taylor, Arnie Moore

Drums - Russ Kunkel
Bass - Bryan Garofalo, Leland Sklar
Guitars - John Stewart, Chris Darrow, Fred Carter Jnr, Michael Stewart
Accordion - Jimmie Haskell
Harmonica - Henry Diltz
Piano - Loren Newkirk, Glen D Hardin
Conga - King Errison
Banjo - Chris Darrow
Pedal steel - Buddy Emmons
Dobro -
Chris Darrow

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