American Originals John Stewart : American Originals (1992 Capitol; 0777 7 80091 2 2) (CD)
Compilation of previously released material containing the following:
If You Don't Look Around (from the Kingston Trio Album "Time to Think"), Chilly Winds (from the Kingston Trio album "College Concert"), Holly on My Mind, Mucky Truckee River (from the album "Signals Through The Glass"), California Bloodlines, Mother Country, Pirates of Stone County Road, Lonesome Picker, July, You're a Woman, Shackles & Chains, Never Goin' Back (from the album "California Bloodlines"), Willard, Oldest Living Son, Clack Clack, Friend of Jesus, Great White Cathedrals, Belly Full of Tennessee (from the album "Willard"), Lady & the Outlaw (Capitol single 2605 : different take to album version), Armstrong (Capitol single 2711 : different take to album version).

Produced and compiled by Todd Everett.  Many thanks to Todd for supplying me with my copy.

There are 3 more CDs to this series featuring Hoyt Axton, Joy of Cooking and Andy Griffiths.

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