John Stewart : Front Row Music : Before the War (Neon Dreams : 2001) (CD)

Homeward Looking Bird, High Flying Eagle, Same Old Heart, Cheyenne, Chasing Down the Rain, California Bloodlines, Irresistible Targets, All the Words Unspoken, Dreamers on the Rise, All the Lights, Cannons in the Rain, Eyes of Sweet Virginia, The American Way, Runaway Train

Starborne Chariot, Freeway Pleasure, All the Desperate Men, The Last Hurrah, Some Kind of Love, Sweet Dreams Will Come, Field Where the Angels Dance, A Walk on the Moon, Night of a Distant Star, Strange Rivers, Run to the Crossroads, Fire in the Wind, Reasons to Rise, Looking Back Johanna, Missouri Birds, Cowboy in the Distance, If You Should Remember Me

Double CD.  Recorded live at the Turf Inn, Dalry, Scotland and at Fibbers, York, England in September 2000

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