John Stewart : Fire In The Wind (2001 WRASSE; 033) (CD)
Fire in the Wind, Rock it in My Own Sweet Time, On You Like the Wind, The Runner, Morning Thunder, Promise the Wind, Boston Lady, 18 Wheels, The Last Hurrah, The Wild Side of You

This is a re-release of the LP of the same title plus 5 extra tracks (Where the Wind Can't Find Me, The Old Gunfighter, The Sun Flies Shining, Zappata's Own Comrades, Auld Lang Syne) from the same era.

Guitars - John Stewart, John Woodhead, Troy Seals, Reggie Young, Joey Harris, Dave Kirby
Keyboards - Shane Keister, David Briggs, Bill Cuomo
Harmonica - Mickey Raphael
Percussion - Gary Weisburg
Drums - Gary Weisburg, Kenneth Buttrey
Bass - Chris Whelan, John Williams
Background vocals - Joey Harris, Chris Whelan, Buffy Ford Stewart, Herb Pederson, Denny Brooks

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