John Stewart : Cannons In The Rain (1973 RCA; LSP 4827) (LP)
Durango, Chilly Winds, Easy Money, Anna on a Memory, All Time Woman, Road Away, Armstrong, Spirit, Wind Dies Down, Cannons in the Rain, Lady and the Outlaw

Guitars - John Stewart, Chip Young, Buck Wilkin, Kelso Herston, Fred Carter Jr
Piano - Hargus Robbins
Organ - Hargus Robbins
Bass - Arnie Moore
Drums - Buddy Herman
Percussion - Farrell Morris, Charlie McCoy
Harmonica - Charlie McCoy
Banjo - Bobbie Thompson
Dobro - Fred Carter Jr, Pete Drake
Pedal Steel - Pete Drake
Mandolin - Chris Darrow
Shotgun - Marvin D Snyder
Background vocals - Bergen White, Buck Wilkin, Arnie Moore, Chip Young,
Charlie McCoy, Buffy Ford, Linda Hargrove, The Nashville Edition

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