John Stewart : Blondes (1982 Polydor; 2480 701) (LP)
All the Desperate Men, Tall Blondes, The Queen of Hollywood High, Girl Down the River, The Eyes of Sweet Virginia, Judy in G Major, You Won't Be Going Home, Jenny Was a Dream Girl, Same Old Heart, When the Night Was Ours, Golden Gate, Blonde Star

John Stewart - Vocals, lead guitars, bass
Chuck McDermott - Vocals, rhythm guitars
Bill Mutter - Drums, percussion
Chris Whalen - Bass
Roy Ohari - Bass
Lindsey Buckingham - Background vocals
Linda Ronstadt - Background vocals
Larry Greenstein - Percussion
Dennis Kenmore - Percussion

(Note: This is the Swedish release of this album.  The US release (Allegiance; AV 431) contains the extra song "Angeles" minus "All The Desperate Men", "Same Old Heart" and "When The Night Was Ours").

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