John Stewart : Bite My Foot (2009 Folk Era; FE1441CD) (CD)
Intro, Anna on a Memory, All Time Woman, California Bloodlines, Intro to Pirates, Pirates of Stone County Road,
Intro to Mazatlan, Mazatlan, National Monument, Roll Away the Stone, Kennedy Campaign, Last Campaign
Trilogy, Intermission, Mother Country, Intro to July, July You're a Woman, Wheatfield Lady, Greatest Days, Cooler
Water Higher Ground, Razor Back Woman, Kansas Rain, Tucson, Runaway Fool of Love, Wolves in the Kitchen,
Banjo Solo Time, Never Goin' Back

Recorded at the Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ on 30 November 1973.

John Stewart - Guitars, banjo, vocals
Arnie Moore - Bass, harmony vocals
Jon Douglas - Drums
Loren Newkirk - Keyboards

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